Wednesday, December 14, 2005



Well today went rather good, got the dishwasher, just a refreshed day for me.
To Continue the above picture was about 30mins ago, OnlineGX helped me level my character on MU Philippens and EVEN gave me a free Bless which I sold devilshly for 99M to some desperate customer :D. I accomplished level 20 in the space of an hour which is fairly good, big thanks goes to OnlineGX for being so user friendly and helpfull, and ofcourse me ever lasting gratitude towards Mike.

I've decided to slap on there banner for all my posts until I figure out the html to throw it in the top bar. Apologies for the poor quality image, the game looks ALOT better.



Tuesday, December 13, 2005



Well this is my first post for this blog, i'd like to I GUESS thank Mike for telling me about Now I can keep reference on what I do, woopey!

Well anyway, I've awoken early to find that we're getting a new Dishwasher, no more slipping over it's guts after it had finished washing/braking/torturing my poor cutlury.

ALSO, I may be getting a good deal with OnlineGX a great company that provides Pinoy gamers, but not just Pinoy gamers with pins/load cards for MU Online, an extremley popular MMORPG that i've been playing the last quarter of the year.

Here is a link to the website, if you're an mmorpg fan I reccomend them for topping up.

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